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The Golden Hour.jpg

Northern Vancouver Island,
British Columbia

The sun setting on snow covered trees along the ocean side is a beautiful sight to behold. The sky is painted with shades of orange, pink, and purple, reflecting on the water. The snow sparkles like diamonds, contrasting with the dark silhouettes of the trees. The air is cold and crisp,
but the warmth of the sun still lingers. The scene is peaceful and serene,
inviting you to admire the wonders of nature.
This scene was painted as a tribute to the life of my mother who loved the winter
months and walking through the snow.

Acrylic Painting by
Kathy Harder, Port McNeill, British Columbia

Giclee Canvas

16x24 - $275.00

20x30 -$425.00

24x36 - $495.00


8x10 double mat/frame - $65.00

11x14 double mat/frame - $125.00

16x20 double mat/frame - $250.00

Art Card ($6.00)


The Golden Hour.jpg
The Golden Hour Wall size.jpg

All giclee canvas p​rints come with a mirrored wrap. A UV varnish is applied to protect the print. Hardware is pre-installed, ready to hang.

Art prints include double mat and frame. Hardware is pre-installed, ready to hang. Images are just a sample to view size estimation and format options.

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