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                              THE ARTIST 

                                      KATHY HARDER

Kathy Harder is a self-taught artist whose works include pastels, watercolors, and acrylic paints. She has always had a love for painting but there was little time for this as her attention focused on raising her six children. In 2017, when most of the children had grown and left home, she eagerly purchased her paint and brushes.

The immense beauty and color that surrounds the North end of Vancouver Island provides ample opportunities and inspiration in both photography and art. Many of her paintings portray the everyday scenes found in this area, which include mountains, forest, and ocean. She has painted a series of ten pictures that illustrate the historic boardwalk community of Telegraph Cove, B.C., which were inspired by the many summers she spent there as a young girl.

“The fact that I am a self-taught artist brings extra challenges that need to be painstakingly worked through. I rarely view any online instruction as my goal is to allow whatever is hidden deep within myself the freedom to find its way out and onto the canvas. I am always amazed.”

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Kathy Harder


2100 Camosun Crescent, Port Mcneill, B.C.

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Active Member of the

 Federation of Canadian Artists  



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