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Weynton Passage, Northern Vancouver Island

There is an abundance of marine life that can be observed in the waters off northern Vancouver Island.

Each year, between July and October, spectacular Orca visit the waters of northern Vancouver Island. There are close to 260 members of the fish-eating orcas, known as the “Northern Residents”, and they are often in the area in pursuit of salmon.

Large groups of Steller Sea Lion are often seen gathered on rock shelves and ledges along the shorelines. These massive marine mammals can measure up to 3 m (10 ft.) tall and weigh up to 1000 kg (2200 lbs.). They have a healthy appetite and feast on a large variety of fish. The transient killer whale is a predator of the Steller sea lion. The transient whales, unlike the northern resident whales, feed primarily on marine mammals. They travel in small groups and their hunting techniques and skills have been witnessed by many observers. When the predators are in the vicinity the sea lions wisely seek higher ground.

There are several whale watching companies in the area that offer different viewing opportunities that provide extraordinary experiences.


Acrylic Painting by

Kathy Harder

Port McNeill, British Columbia

Original Available

Giclee Canvas

12X18 - $195.00

16X24 - $325.00

20x30 -$425.00

24x36 - $495.00


Art print with 11x14 mat/frame - $125.00

16x20 double mat/frame - $250.00

Art Card ($6.00)


All giclee canvas p​rints come with a mirrored wrap. A UV varnish is applied to protect the print. Hardware is pre-installed, ready to hang.

Art prints include double mat and frame. Hardware is pre-installed, ready to hang. Images are just a sample to view size estimation and format options.

Please Call for more info

Kathy Harder


2100 Camosun Crescent, Port Mcneill, B.C.

Copyright Kathy Harder * Coastal Waves Fine Art. All rights reserved. The website images, artwork, and contents may not be copied or used for personal or professional gain without written permission from Kathy Harder.

Active Member of the

 Federation of Canadian Artists  



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