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The Encounter 40x30-sharp-Adjusted FINAL

"The Wilderness Odyssey"

Mussel Inlet, Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia

Spanning British Columbia’s north and central coast, the Great Bear Rainforest is the largest temperate coastal rainforest on earth. It is comprised of 6.4 million hectares of protected forest land.  The remote, unspoiled area is filled with mist-covered mountains, lush old growth forest, steep fjord inlets, cascading waterfalls, and rich salmon streams.

British Columbia is home to approximately 15,000 grizzlies with a significant number being found in the Great Bear Rainforest. Beginning in the late summer and early autumn months, these bears arrive to feast at these important salmon spawning streams.  The grizzlies gorge themselves in preparation for their long, Canadian winter hibernation.

Coastal grizzlies are highly intelligent, massive animals, with males weighing up to 350 kg (790 lbs) and the females up to 200 kg (440lbs). There is a prominent, muscular “hump” that usually appears on the adult grizzlies’ shoulders, their faces are short with rounded ears, and their claws can be 2-4 in in length.

Giclee canvas 

22x30 - $395.00      26x36 - $495.00


8x10 frame/mat print - $65.00

11x14 frame/mat print - $125.00

16x20 frame/mat print - $250.00

Art Card $6.00

Original Available

Wilderness Odyssey frame.JPG
Wilderness Odyssey wall.jpg

All giclee canvas p​rints come with a mirrored wrap. A UV varnish is applied to protect the print. Hardware is pre-installed, ready to hang.

Art prints include double mat and frame. Hardware is pre-installed, ready to hang. Images are just a sample to view size estimation and format options.

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Kathy Harder


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