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"What's for Lunch" 

Water colour  by Kathy Harder

The Herring Gull is a familiar sight on Vancouver Island. The gull, known as scavengers, feed on the abundant sea creatures found along the shorelines and feast on the krill, squid, jellyfish, and herring found on the ocean surface. They are often see in large noisy flocks, especially when there is a food source available.

The Herring Gull breed among the rocks on the coastline and make their nests out of vegetation and debris. The gull has a red dot near the end of its yellow bill that the chicks peck in order to stimulate feeding.

Canvas wrap around print - 12x16 -($185.00) 18x24 -($275.00)

Framed/Matted Art print - 16x20(image size 12x16) ($275.00)

5x7 art print with mat - $35.00

5x7 art print with mat/frame - $65.00

Art Card ($5.00)

Original available 

Custom Orders Available

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