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Acrylic Painting by

Kathy Harder, Port McNeill, B.C.

(photo credit: Chris Stewart)

I would like to introduce this Chris Stewart Memorial Card. Until the end of December 2020, every time this $5.00 card is purchased there will be a $2.00 donation given to Victor's Secret, an event Chris loved to participate and support. The Victor's Secret event raises money to benefit residents of northern Vancouver Island that have been diagnosed with cancer. After December and as long as this card exists a $1.00 donation will go to assist cancer patients.


"If you are awake in time to greet the new day, you may have witnessed one of northern Vancouver Island’s hidden treasures. On some mornings the sunrise might appear loud, bold, and boisterous, with boasts of vibrant red, orange, and magentas. On other mornings it might have arrived quietly, calm and gentle, with whispers of pastel blue, pink, and yellows.

Up early each morning with camera ready, Port McNeill resident Chris Stewart captured spectacular sunrises like this one from his home on the beach overlooking Broughton Strait. Posting them on social media was Chris’s way of saying “Good morning to all”. The Stewart family was gifted this commissioned painting to honour the life and memory of their loved one. A local artist reimagined one of those mornings, the sky and ocean ablazed with colour. "

To purchase your cards please use the contact box at the bottom of the Art Card page and thank you for supporting this great cause.

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